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UNESCO invites us not to waste time anymore in the protection of the food chain, that is suffering a non-stop, irreparable damage due to the higher and higher amount of plastic.
A study by Science Advances reveals how the worldwide production of resin and plastic fiber has grown from 2 millions of tons (1950) to 380 millions of tons (2015).
According to the statistics only 20% of the produced plastic has been incinerated or reused. The remaining 80% has turned to stockpile as scrap on the land and into the water.

From 4 to 12 millions of tons of plastic flow into the water all over the world each year, causing the 80% of the marine pollution.
BIOTAPE: the concrete answer to the requests about a eco-friendlier packaging.
We answer to the needs of a new industrial community, which is more and more careful with environmental problems, by adding to our range a modern and contemporary product.
The adhesive tape BIOTAPE shows real benefits of eco- sustainability and it is suitable for the closing of boxes, bags and biodegradable packagings. This product has got a semplified unroll and a great resistance to the heat. Moreover, it’s suitable for any application, both manual and machinable.
packaging sostenibile
BIOTAPE is an adhesive tape, which is made up of PLA: a biopolymer that is derived from corn starch.
PLA is completely biodegradable in few months and, consequently, it represents an eco-friendly alternative compared to products, that are derived from petrochemical substances such as PVC and Polypropylene. This product is originated from the fermentation of agricultural by-products such as corn starch or other substances, that have an abundant amount of carbohydrates, like sugar or wheat.
Main advantages of the PLA film:

Better recycling opportunities, 100 % renewable
Need of less requirement of fossil fuel
It produces less greenhouse gas emissions
Biodegradability and compostability
Excellent properties: rigidity, sturdiness and transparency
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